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Shin Tours offers you unique travel experiences in Israel. Whether you’re looking for a day tour of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or the Dead Sea area, or a multi-day customized tour, experience the Holy Land under our expert guidance. All of our guides are multilingual – with English at a mother tongue level – as well as experienced, engaging, friendly and ready to make your tour unforgettably fun..

We started Shin Tours because we were inspired by people and see our tour business as a mission to inspire others through exciting, thoughtfully planned itineraries. We aim to give you a deeper understanding of Israel’s diverse peoples, tumultuous history, rich culture and varied views … and as a result, to help you reach a deeper understanding of yourself.

Through the years, we’ve had the privilege of giving service to well-known figures such as the Beach Boys, Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Wang Shi, among others.

Our logo is the Hebrew letter Shin ש, which resembles a flame, representing the fire within every soul, just waiting to be awakened. As well as the special place it occupies on the mezuzah at the entrance to every Jewish home, Shin is the first letter of the traditional Israeli greeting, “Shalom,” which literally translates as “peace.” Our happy clients are photographed making the shape of a Shin to symbolize an equally powerful message: “I love Israel!”

Here are some facts and figures to sum up Shin Tour’s formula for success:

17 years total experience guiding tours and designing itineraries is what we offer you.
Languages – we can accommodate guests in any different language.
20,000+ is the number of satisfied clients which we’ve had the pleasure of serving so far.
99% of all our guests took home a significant experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.

We at Shin Tours will design your trip according to your dreams!

About Asaf Peled

Licensed tour guide since 2010, accompanied over 500 travel groups, fluent in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

A native Israeli, I grew up in an English-speaking household in Jerusalem, with five siblings. After graduating from an Orthodox Yeshiva, I joined the IDF where I served as a paramedic in “Egoz,” an elite combat unit. When I completed my service, I was free to follow my true passion – traveling and the land of Israel.

After a year of crossing Argentina on horseback, I came home to get my official Israeli travel guide license, in addition to earning my BA in archaeology and history. I am extremely passionate about Israel, its historic past and ultra-modern present. There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my love of Israel with people from all over the world. I hope you will do me the honor of allowing me to join your journey.


Travel Consultant

BA in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences; MBA

Fluent in English, Hebrew and Dutch.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. After high school I decided to come to Israel for a year of learning and experiencing the country. I spent that year learning in the Old City of Jerusalem and working at a Kibbutz up North seeing many different sides of the Israeli culture. It was such a wonderful year that I decided to stay in Israel and start university here.

The rest is history! Now I live in Modiin with my husband, who is originally from the US, and our three Israeli-born boys.

I have been working in the Israeli travel industry for close to 10 years. As we love to travel as a family, I know how important the details can be to a successful trip. Israel has so much to offer and it’s my passion to make sure that anyone visiting Israel has an unforgettable experience!




Licensed tour guide since 2008. Accompanied over 600 travel group. Fluent in English, Hebrew and Mandarin. BA in Geography, Masters in Business Management.

I grew up in Jerusalem, the holiest place on earth, half an hour away from the lowest point on earth. After I completed my army service as commander in a combat unit, there was nothing I wanted more than to travel the world. I started in South America, and then to Europe and finally to China, where I spent over a year.

By the age of 30, I had visited over 50 countries. While travelling, I met many fellow travelers and local residents who knew Israel only from news reports. I tried my best to show them my point of view, my beloved homeland, but with limited success. I realized that there is no better way than bringing people to Israel, showing them firsthand all I know and love. With that in mind, my friend Asaf and I decided to establish “Shin.” Together, we’d like to invite you to come and discover the Israel behind the headlines and beyond your dreams. Hope to see you here!


Tour Operator

Languages: Arabic, English, Hebrew and Turkish

I was born and raised in Jerusalem, the holy city to millions of people around the globe. Growing up here and attending school in the Old City, everyday watching visitors from many different faiths, backgrounds, cultures and countries, had a profound impact on me. Why did they come to visit this little place I called home? As I grew I learned that they came for many different reasons, each one connecting to my homeland in a different way.

After finishing High School, I moved to Ankara in Turkey to study architecture, but after two years I found myself working as a tour guide in Istanbul and this was the most exciting thing I’d done in my professional life.  After another two years I realized that I wanted to do this at home.

I returned home to Jerusalem and continued in the field of tourism with a Jerusalem based travel agency, primarily working with pilgrim groups from all over the world.  I am currently in my last year of the Licensed Tour Guide Course and I am passionate about creating dynamic experiences for anyone who wants to come and visit this land.


Social Media Manager

Our Guides

All our tour guides are seasoned professionals, licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, who speak both Hebrew and English (or another language) at mother tongue level. Most have master’s degrees in tourism-related subjects and all have hundreds of glowing recommendations. Our guides take every security precaution to make your trip safe, enjoyable and enlightening. In fact, they’ll make your trip not just a typical vacation, but the experience of a lifetime.


Asaf Salomon, an Israeli, born and raised, certified Tour guide who grew up just outside of Jerusalem and developed a love of the land of Israel from an early age. After studying in Yeshiva and serving as a commander in a combat unit in the IDF he was certified by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism as a licensed Israeli tour guide and has completed his BA in Jewish History and Archaeology at Hebrew University as well as his MA in Middle Eastern studies and Islam from Bar Ilan University. He works as a senior guide in the VIP division of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation. Additionally, he also works at the Davidson Center and at other Jewish Quarter Tourism sites and specializes in tours of Jerusalem and the Old City. Asaf leads In-depth tours of Archaeology and History of the region as well as modern Geo-politics and cultural tours in flawless English, in addition to guiding heads of state and celebrities from around the world, such as Pope Francis.


Yonatan Weiss is Israeli born, served in the Israeli IDF as a commander in the Golani brigade. Studied Jewish education for four years as well as formal and informal education. Taught English, History and Bible classes in high schools and elementary schools. Has worked with the Jewish Agency and with Jewish communities around the world. Ever since he graduated his Israeli tour guiding course he’s been guiding hundreds of people from all over the world, including Prince William. He guides interfaith groups as well as church groups, synagogue trips, Jewish federations, VIP tours and FIT’s. Yonatan is working with philanthropists, dignitaries’ diplomat’s, MP’s as well as ministers and prime Ministers presidents and royalties. Yonatan strives to bring Israel in people’s hearts and minds, to show them Israel’s beauty along with the diversity and experience the authenticity of this old new land.


People, it’s all about the People!
After 15 years of experience and thousands of friends some close as family , I can declare…
I was born in Jerusalem and raised in a house full of love, family and religion. I traveled the country by foot and by car throughout my life…after my military service as rescue medic , I continued to the business world in search for people. Established an Eco tourism company in search of nature and studied archeology and philosophy of religion followed by tour guide studies. Being a family man and raising kids I know that it’s all about them! I believe that every person sees the country in different way and the production of this kaleidoscope is what Israel is all about…people, smells, tastes, colors and religion.. hope to see you!


With more than 10 years of experience guiding a huge variety of travelers from different countries and backgrounds, I will be able to present to you the best of Israel.
As an historian of the Middle East and Islam, an active IDF reserve officer, a graduate of pluralistic Jewish Yeshivas and a licensed guide, I can lead you through the maze of religions, history, geography, archeology and politics of this beautiful country.


Born in Jerusalem, spent most of the high school years traveling in the Old city of Jerusalem and in Judean desert. Inducted to the army and spent six and a half years in field units and in the military intelligence as an officer.

After the army I went to do two things. I started to learn in the University in the Middle East and Islam department, and I finished two years tour guide course.

I wrote my Ph.D. Dissertation about the Bedouins in the Judean desert, and I spend my time doing three things: teaching and give lectures about Islam, the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict; I’m a tour guide; and most important, I have a wife and two daughters.


I grew in Israel with my parents and older brother until the age of 6, when we moved to Turkey. On return to Israel, I joined a hiking club where we would travel the land by foot at least once a month. Falling in love with Israel has been a long journey, one that took me to South America for a year after my military service, and to China for a year where I learned to speak Mandarin. Although I enjoy my time abroad, there really is no place like home.

Four years ago, I turned my interests and passion in to my profession and qualified as a licensed tour guide. I love guiding first-time visitors to Israel and sharing that experience with them, be it at the Western Wall, The Dead Sea or the Bell Caves of Beit Govrin. Being able to see Israel through first time eyes and from new and different perspectives is a privilege and a highlight of my day.


Years of experience as a guide: 7
Number of satisfied travelers: 1700
Languages: English, Hebrew, Portuguese
Why I guide: I’m passionate about giving my clients the opportunity to experience this incredible, crazy land.
Interesting facts about me: I divide my life between guiding tour groups, being a husband and father, and my musical career.
IDF service: “Iftach,” an outdoor equipment development team. I received an award from the president of Israel for my work there.
Hobbies: Traveling (naturally!), hiking, soccer, yoga, birdwatching, and having fun with family and friends.
Testimonial: “Gal is knowledgeable, fun, and engaging. Our whole family, young and old, enjoyed touring with him.”


Years of experience as a guide: 11
Number of satisfied travelers: 5000
Languages: English, Hebrew, and even Gibberish.
Why I guide: I enjoy blending skills, knowledge and humor in both my tours and my art as a jewelry maker.
Interesting facts about me: Just as you can find my art in Jewish museums all over the world, you can find me guiding all over Israel in the museum of life.
Hobbies: Walking, bicycling and driving the length and breadth of this fascinating land; through my stories, taking you flying throughout history and time.
Testimonial: “Wow! Avi brought a whole new perspective to our tour. We have visited Israel before, but as an artist, he made history vivid and alive.”


Years of experience as a guide: 4
Number of satisfied travelers: 1000
Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish
Why I guide: My work as a guide allows me to combine my two great passions – for traveling and for enjoying good food — and best of all, to share them with you.
Interesting facts about me: Proud father to Tamara and Ofer, in my free time I can be found on my horse ranch in the beautiful Golan Heights.
IDF service: Paramedic in a tank unit.
Hobbies: Arguing (like a true Israeli!); seeking out, preparing, and enjoying great food.
Testimonial: “Uri showed us the hidden gems and up-and-coming new restaurants that the mobs of tourists haven’t discovered yet. He gave us the real insider view of Israel that we were hoping for.”


Years of experience as a guide: 5
Number of satisfied travelers: 3000
Languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, and Portuguese
Why I guide: I appreciate the fact that travel is the only thing in life you spend money on that actually makes you richer.
Interesting facts about me: Born in Buenos Aires, I moved to Jerusalem at a very young age. I grew up with the travel bug and started my guiding career on the Caribbean Islands as a divemaster.
IDF service: Nahal Brigade, 932nd Battalion, as a Scouting & Detention Platoon Sergeant.
Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, diving, cooking, yoga, and music.
Testimonial: “I’m Brazilian Christian. Gabriel showed me the Holy Land and described everything in my native language. He felt like a friend.”


Years of experience as a guide: 5
Number of satisfied travelers: 3500
Languages: English, Russian, and of course Hebrew
Why I guide: Being a tour guide in Israel is amazing – it’s almost like operating a time machine. You just set the dial for any period of history you wish and in a few hours, you are there!
IDF service: Paratrooper unit where I learned to love the beautiful landscapes of Israel (my God, we walked a lot).
Hobbies: Hiking, extreme sports, and learning more and more about the history and archeology of our region.
Testimonial: ”My teens thought seeing Israel would be only about historical sites (boorrrring!). But Sasha showed them — and us — how exciting modern day Israel really is. Thanks a million.”


Years of experience as a guide: 4
Number of satisfied travelers: 3200
Why I guide: I’m passionate about travel, exploring cultures, meeting new people, and sharing amazing experiences. That’s why I love my job!
Languages: English, Hebrew, conversational Spanish
Interesting facts about me: Born in Jerusalem, I lived in the U.S. as a child and traveled the world for years after my military service. I also guide trips to India and Central America.
IDF service: The Maglan unit, part of the Israeli paratroopers.
Hobbies: Cooking, reading, playing several musical instruments, yoga.
Testimonial: “With great vibes, huge smile and a big heart we had a wonderful time with him. Highly recommended!!”


Years of experience as a guide: 10
Why I guide: My two special interests are travel and meeting people, and guiding is a fun way to combine the two.
Languages: English, Hebrew
Interesting facts about me: My name, Maayan, means “spring,” a natural source of pure water which is highly prized in a dry country like Israel. By the age of twenty-three, I visited every continent … with the exception of Antarctica.
Hobbies: Archaeology, history, biking, wildlife, music, sushi, and having meaningful one-to-one conversations with people from all different cultures.
Testimonial: “Fantastic guide with encyclopedic knowledge of Jerusalem, Israel, Palestine, politics, religion, food of the region and all else in between.”


Years of experience as a guide: 3
Years of experience as a multicultural business specialist: 10
Languages: English, Hebrew, Mandarin
Why I guide: I enjoy educating the public about Israeli history, politics and technological contributions.
Interesting facts about me: You may have seen my face on your TV screen as I’ve appeared in various programs around China such as 晓松奇谈 (高晓松) , Tuniu 途牛 and more.
Professional background: MBA Business management (Shanghai JiaoTong University). BA in Political Science and East Asian studies. Licensed tour guide.


Years as a guide: 9
Languages: Hebrew, English
Why I guide: I have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the fields of Archaeology and History … and love to get travelers excited about these subjects.
My IDF service: Paratroopers unit.
Interesting facts about me: I teach “Archaeology of the New Testament” at Hebrew University and occasionally appear on TV and other media productions. My nickname is “Danny the Digger.” I gear my tour services to a variety of groups, from guests of Israeli high tech companies to academic delegations, VIPs, and celebrities.
Testimonial: “Danny brings a unique perspective, as an archeologist by training, and also gave us the local feel in every stop we made. Well worth it and would use his services again!”


Languages: Hebrew, English
Why I guide: I feel a mission to share the story of the beautiful Land of Israel and its dreamers, and builders, from Biblical times to today’s Start-up Nation.
Interesting facts about me: A Jerusalem native raised on the border between the Old and New Cities. Guiding throughout Jerusalem is telling the story of my childhood. National Geographic chose me as one of the five most significant contributors to Jerusalem’s cultural life.
My IDF service: Paratroopers Brigade, during the 1982 First Lebanon War.
Hobbies: Hiking with my family; cooking; Israeli and world music.
Testimonial: “Roni is great storyteller. He communicates his deep knowledge and love of Israel in a very clear, inspiring way.”