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Are you visiting Israel, for business or pleasure? Imagine breezing past those long lines at the airport and relaxing in a chauffeured luxury car as you travel to your destination.Shin Tours offers airport assistance at Ben Gurion and personal driver service during your stay in Israel – the ultimate in convenience, for all of these reasons:

Airport Assistance

Leave the issues of getting into a foreign country in safe hands. We’ll arrange all the preliminaries, including visas for Chinese visitors (as required) and paperwork for the Israeli Immigration Office, before you ever leave home.

Skip those annoying lines at Ben Gurion Airport. With Shin, you won’t even have to wait your turn to disembark; we’ll arrange to escort you directly off the airplane via a side exit. From there, you will head straight to your exclusive chauffeured car.

Minimize travel time to and from the airport. Our drivers are familiar with the best routes between Ben Gurion and the major business and tourism centers at any time of the day or night. You’ll arrive promptly, refreshed and ready for whatever your schedule in Israel holds.

Know that your private transportation both ways is confirmed. We provide you with peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that we prioritize getting you to your destination and back to the airport within a comfortable time frame.

Personal Driver Service

Enjoy topnotch luxurious car service. What’s your pleasure: a Mercedes, a Jaguar or a limo, perhaps? All the Shin Tours vehicles are impeccably maintained and driven by our handpicked, highly trained professional chauffeurs.

Benefit from your own personal assistant. Your private driver will double as a personal assistant, always available to guide you through the intricacies of getting around Israel and dealing successfully with an exotic culture.

Communicate. Hebrew is a complex language, which is spoken fluently by only one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population! Fortunately, your Shin Tours driver is thoroughly bilingual in Hebrew and English. What’s more, we offer personal translation services from Hebrew to Mandarin or whatever your mother tongue may be.

Travel securely. As a local, your Shin driver is familiar with the security situation in Israel. He also stays current with any changes in the political climate to ensure that you will travel only to safe places, by secure routes.

See the real Israel. Who knows a country better than someone who was born there? Shin Tours hires native Israeli drivers, who are ready and able to direct you to interesting offbeat restaurants, hot new nightclubs, and fascinating places to shop … to help you discover the spots where savvy locals go.

Understand the culture. As well as a personal assistant, your driver can also act as a coach, briefing you on the nuances of the Israeli culture, peoples and mentality. You’ll be far better prepared for any situation that you will face in Israel, whether your agenda includes negotiating at the conference table or in the shuk.

Make a friend. Israelis are very warm and outgoing by nature. Of course, if you’d like to review business documents or listen to the news as you travel, your driver will respect your wishes. However, a conversation with a bright, bilingual local resident can be an excellent, enjoyable way to learn more about the fascinating nation that is Israel.

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